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What Leads to Pipe Bursts and How Can It Be Avoided?

Help Avoid Pipe Bursts This Winter

Water has the unusual characteristic of expanding when it freezes. This expansion puts whatever is confining it, such as metal or plastic pipes, under great pressure. No matter how sturdy, pipes can break due to expanding water.

Pipes that are prone to freezing include:

  • Pipes that are subject to extreme cold, such as sprinkler lines, pool supply lines, and outdoor hose bibs
  • Water supply pipes in internal, non-heated locations such as garages, attics, basements, or kitchen cabinets
  • Pipes that are located near exterior walls with insufficient or no insulation

Freezing Temperatures Lead to Pipe Bursts

freezingIt's best to take precautions to winterize a home before the temperature outside drops below freezing and reduce the chances of frozen pipes. Pipe insulation is commonly accessible and reasonably priced. If there are any pipes in unheated locations like the attic, basement, crawl space, or garage, homeowners might want to think about insulating them. Plumbing beneath kitchen and bathroom sinks is similarly susceptible to freezing in extremely cold temperatures. To protect against chilly temperatures, use a lot of foam insulation. Homeowners can also keep their pipes warm enough to prevent freezing by wrapping them with heat tape or thermostat-controlled heat cables.

Leaving water running can also help prevent frozen pipes. It only takes a tiny trickle of water to keep pipes from freezing. Start a trickle of water from each faucet served by exposed pipes. If the water inside the pipes freezes, leaving a few faucets slightly open will release pressure inside the pipes and aid in preventing a burst.

Decay and Corrosion May Lead to Frozen Pipescorrosion

The majority of homes encounter pipe corrosion at some point. It's not always simple to detect corrosion because it might occur even in a plumbing system that is working well. Because it takes time to manifest, it can result in environmental harm, pipe leaks, and expensive repairs.

Chemical drain cleaners are frequently suggested as the first line of defense for clogged drains. However, these cleaners cannot distinguish between blockages and plumbing pipes. As soon as they are placed into the pipe, they devour anything in their path.

There is not much to be done if a rusted pipe is found. Homeowners should never disregard or grow accustomed to the predicament. There are only so many options outside of calling the experts if the stain won't go away or if a sizable part of the pipe is damaged.

Clogs Can Facilitate Pipe Bursting

Solid matter can accumulate in pipes if not cleaned, which could cause serious issues for homeowners and their properties. Severely clogged drains risk bursting a pipe or obstructing a significant sewage line. This can cause the yard to fill up with standing water. By frequently caring for their drains, homeowners can avert this serious catastrophe.

The advantages of appropriate maintenance can help keep pipes clear and clean. Any future issues will be less likely as a result of these actions. If homeowners believe their plumbing system could benefit from a complete inspection and cleaning, get in touch with a professional as soon as possible.

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