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Are you looking for your dream job? Do you know of someone that may be looking? Charles Krull & Son, Inc. is looking for people to add to our team! We believe the best companies are built by the best people. If you’re a great communicator on the phone, excel at assisting customers, have technical skills and you’re looking for an amazing opportunity you need to call us at 516-599-1222! Thanks to our explosive growth, we have positions open both in our office and in the field!

To apply you simply need to be highly motivated; love to be part of a team, but works well individually; welcomes learning new things; enjoys interacting with people; and be ready for a new challenge every single day. If you meet these requirements, we want to talk to YOU!

What’s in it for you? Excellent question! You want to work for Charles Krull & Son, Inc. because we can promise you a new career that you’ll love filled with excellent pay and benefits—but also incredible opportunity and growth potential! Charles Krull & Son, Inc. also prides itself in its incredible company culture. Our team members love coming to work each and every day because they’re supported, appreciated, and empowered to do their jobs! It’s all part of our TRIPLE-WIN Philosophy. Here’s what we mean by that:

  1. Our customers must win! First and foremost, we do everything imaginable to help ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied and absolutely love our services. If they don’t, we do what’s necessary to make them wildly happy they did business with us—so much so that they insist on telling their friends and family about our services!
  2. Our employees must win! We realize that the only way to have happy customers is to have a happy team of people serving them! We do everything imaginable to support our people, lift them up to make them better, and help ensure that they’re successful. And for doing a great job, they receive tremendous financial rewards—as well as incredible career satisfaction. Just imagine working in a field where you get to HELP people every day!
  3. Our company must win! We believe if we’ve absolutely done everything possible to make sure our customers win and our employees win, our company will naturally win. And we must win and be financially successful in order to help more customers and provide more opportunity for our employees and their families.

Now, if that’s the type of company that you’d like to work for—and I hope it is—please call us at 516-599-1222. We would love a chance to talk with you and get to know you better. Let’s make sure we’re an ideal fit for each other.

Current Positions

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Plumbing Technician

Plumbing Technician

The position of plumbing technician is the most important one with our company.  The plumbing technician is our human link with the customer who has retained our plumbing services.  This is a vital link in terms of revenue, reputation and success. Anyone performing in this capacity must have exceptional interpersonal and communication skills in order to effectively communicate with the client as well as the office.

Specific Job Requirements

  • Ability to manage a client repair or installation from beginning to end
  • Ability to perform all plumbing replacements to code
  • Must be capable of troubleshooting, diagnosing and explaining all problems and options to the client
  • Must be capable of performing a thorough and accurate plumbing and heating inspection and communicating findings to the client
  • Ability to complete paperwork legibly and in an understandable manner
  • Ability to perform calculations necessary for plumbing and heating work as well as calculations necessary for invoicing purposes
  • Must be comfortable asking for payment and collecting money
  • Must comply with all safety standards and processes
  • Must be able to work in close spaces and climb ladders
  • Must know and adhere to all state plumbing codes
  • Ability to communicate the benefits of club memberships to the client
  • Ability to solder and perform necessary electrical work associated with the plumbing project the client requires
  • Must meet all standards such as callback ratio, average ticket, productivity, club membership conversion, accurate StraightForward Pricing calculations, etc.
  • Plumbing technician will be dispatched to a mix of calls both service and new construction across residential and commercial clients.

Other Job Requirements

  • Must present a professional image by arriving on time, wearing company uniforms, and being neat, and well groomed.
  • Must have a clean driving record and valid driver’s license
  • Must have the ability to communicate with all clients
  • Ability to supervise apprentices
  • Must respect and protect client’s home by wearing shoe covers
  • Must keep truck clean, stocked and accurately inventoried
  • Must be willing to continue training for personal growth as well as participating in the training of new employees


Field position.  Daily duties will be performed in and around Nassau County. Paperwork and money collected is returned to the office located in Malverne, NY.

Salary Range & Status

Full-time hourly position.  Salary depends on experience.  Bonuses are paid based on club membership sales, performance standing and product sales.

Working Conditions

  • Typically a 40-hour work week.  Position does require additional hours during “on-call” rotation and when necessary to finish work in progress
  • Daily hours may vary from an 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. shift to a 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. shift depending on scheduled work. However, an 8 a.m. shift is standard.
  • Must be available for on-call rotation.

Physical Demands

  • Frequently required to use hands to handle or feel.
  • Frequently required to bend, lift, or climb
  • Required to lift light weights (less than 25 pounds)
  • Occasionally required to lift moderate weights (25-50 pounds)

Work Environment

  • Exposure to adverse conditions.
  • Exposure to extreme heat or cold.
  • Exposure to wet and/or humid conditions
  • Exposure to precarious places

Drug/Alcohol Testing/Motor Vehicle Testing

Performed prior to employment and at random times during employment with no advanced knowledge.  Motor vehicle checks will also be performed.

Working Relationships

  • Position reports directly to company owner
  • Courtesy and respect are expected at all times towards ALL members of our team.


  • Ability to perform as a team player
  • Other duties as assigned by manager

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