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Warning Signs of a Broken Heater

Keep Warm This Halloween

Homeowners should enjoy Halloween scary movie nights this fall without getting the chills from a broken heater. This blog post shares three warning signs that a home’s heater needs a tune-up. Fixing small heating system problems can help prevent a total system breakdown as the temperatures drop. 

A broken heater can be a scary safety hazard, so homeowners should be aware of the warning signs. Carbon monoxide could leak out of a cracked heating element, and the poisonous gas can fill the home. Having carbon monoxide detectors installed will help protect homeowners from a carbon monoxide leak. 

High temperatures within the furnace could also combust if the heater malfunctions. Doing heating maintenance and annual inspections can help homeowners to prevent fires and other hazards from a broken heater.

Heater Not Working

Homeowners may notice that their house is suddenly not warm enough. Heat loss could be caused by something simple like having the thermostat set to the wrong temperature. Homeowners should check the thermostat to ensure it has new batteries and is set correctly. A power surge could also be the culprit behind the heater suddenly cutting off. 

It is recommended to call a trusted local heating company whenever a problem is noticed with the heating system. This is for the safety of the homeowners, as a broken heater can be dangerous if the problem worsens. An expert from a professional heating company will be able to quickly diagnose the reason for the heat loss. 

Unusual Sounds From Heater

soundsAny sort of loud or unusual sounds coming from the heater could indicate that there is a serious problem. It is normal for the heater to make a low humming noise as it runs, but if it suddenly gets louder, there could be something wrong. Homeowners should never ignore unusual noises such as banging, shrieking, or rattling coming from the heater. 

Loose parts rattling around inside the heating system can be an easy fix for an HVAC professional. During maintenance appointments, the technician will tighten any loose components to prevent them from rattling around. 

A broken heater during Halloween can sound a lot like ghouls and ghosts. A malfunctioning belt on the motor most often causes a shrieking sound. Homeowners can make sure that a spooky broken heater does not scare off their guests this year by calling a professional to diagnose and fix the source of the problem.

Increase In Energy Bills

saveHomeowners should monitor their energy spending and pay attention to any sudden changes. A spike in energy bills could be a result of a broken heater. Once the problem is fixed by a professional, the energy bills should get lower again. Saving money on heating in the fall helps homeowners spend more on fall activities and upcoming holidays. 

The price of heating a home can be high during the cold fall and winter months. Homeowners can save money on energy bills by keeping their heaters in good working order. Monitoring energy bills helps homeowners notice potential problems and find ways to reduce spending. 

Installing a new smart thermostat makes it easy for homeowners to be more energy efficient. Most smart thermostats connect to a smartphone app that allows homeowners to monitor their energy usage from anywhere. Smart thermostats also adjust automatically to maximize energy savings. 

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