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Spotting a Water Leak: a Short How-To Guide

Three Major Signs of a Water Leak 

It's unfortunate but true: water leaks do not go away independently. The longer a problem goes unaddressed, the more likely the issue will lead to mold and mildew growth, drywall damage, and poor water pressure. In these situations, it's wise to catch these concerns as soon as possible. The faster a plumber can assess the problem, the fast they can fix it. 

Below, homeowners can learn how to spot pipe leaks and prevent water damage. Some telltale signs of a leak include: 

Hissing or the Sound of Running Water 

A home should never be silent. The AC should silently hum as it switches between cycles. The refrigerator might make a few sounds as it makes ice. However, one should never hear hissing or running water if a sink or shower isn't on. This likely means that there's a burst pipe, and water is flowing behind the drywall. 

To see if these sounds point to a leak, one should: 

  • Mark where they hear the sound. They can do this by taking a pencil and making a small mark where the hissing sound comes from. 
  • Locate their home's water main. It'll likely be near the water heater, outside the home, or in a boiler room. 
  • Turn the water main off. This generally involves locating the water main's valve and turning it to the right. 
  • Revisit where the sound was. If the sound has stopped, this likely means that there's a leak behind the wall. If not, the sound could come from another problem, perhaps unrelated to the plumbing system. 

Burst pipes can happen any time of the year, not just in the winter. If one suspects they have a hidden water leak, they should reach out to a local plumbing company as soon as possible. 

Low Water Pressure 

water The plumbing system creates water pressure by forcing water through the home's pipes. It's self-explanatory; the force of the pressure makes the water come out of the faucets at a certain speed. However, a pipe leak reduces the pressure in the plumbing system, making water trickle out of faucets or showerheads. This can quickly get inconvenient. 

The only way to fix this issue is to repair the pipe leak. A plumber may put a cap over the leak, restoring pressure within the system. They may recommend replacing the pipe itself if it's corroded. Remember: poor water pressure doesn't just make showering less enjoyable. It also affects how well washing machines and dishwashers work. 

Higher Water Bills 

bills Everyone has a basic idea of how much their monthly water bill is. Malverne, NY, charges for water based on how many gallons the home uses. It does not discriminate between water used for showering and water wasted due to a pipe leak. 

If a homeowner notices they have higher-than-usual water bills, this could point to wasted water (because of a leak) within the plumbing system. Not only could the issue worsen over time, but a homeowner could also find themselves spending hundreds of dollars on water they didn't even use. 

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