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Why a New Water Heaters Makes the Perfect Gift for the Holidays

It’s certainly nice to ask for things that aren’t necessary for the holidays; sometimes, the best presents are those that homeowners actually need. After all, owning a home can be expensive, especially when things like the water heater are starting to fail. Plus, when the gift on the list can save homeowners money, it’s almost as if that gift is a two-for-one. 

So read on to learn all about the benefits of a new water heater and whether it’s best to repair or replace a water heater when it’s experiencing certain issues. 

Signs the Water Heater Is on the Fritz

There are several signs that a water heater is on the fritz, and most of them have to do with — yep — hot water. The clearest sign that there’s something wrong is a lack of hot water. Conversely, if the hot water runs out quickly, it could mean an issue with the water heater. But these aren’t the only issues homeowners should look out for. Another sign something’s amiss is the delivery of discolored or smelly water. This could mean a malfunctioning anode rod or could mean a rusting tank. 

It’s also a good idea to look at the water heater to check for leaks or rust outside the unit. While inspecting it, it’s worth hanging around for a few minutes to listen for any strange sounds like loud banging, screeching, tapping, or knocking.  

Repair or Replace the Water Heater?water heater

Those homeowners experiencing any of the signs listed above know that something is wrong with their water heater. But just because something’s wrong doesn’t mean that it’s time to have the entire unit replaced. Sometimes water heater service is all it takes to get the appliance back in proper working condition. But how to tell when to call for water heater service or replacement? 

There are a few factors to consider here. The first is the age of the unit. If the water heater is more than halfway through its lifespan (10 to 15 years) and it’s been experiencing problems, it’s time to replace it. Also, if the cost of repairing the water heater is more than half the cost of upgrading it, the smart investment is to simply get a new water heater. 

water heater Benefits of a New Water Heater

Those homeowners who decide they need a new water heater will enjoy the benefits of a new appliance. The biggest benefit of a new water heater installation is the increased efficiency. Water heaters are always getting more efficient, and when they’re cared for properly with regular maintenance, they continue to be sufficient for years. 

Other benefits include fewer problems and lower energy bills. There’s also the possibility of getting a tankless water heater which can save both space and money in the long run. Whether homeowners decide to go with a new tank water heater or a tankless one, they’ll enjoy lower energy bills, higher efficiency, and fewer problems. 

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