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New Year, New Plumbing Fixtures!

Ring In the New Year with Updated Plumbing Fixtures

As the calendar changes to usher in 2022, many homeowners have already compiled their list of home improvement projects to tackle in the new year. And it's a good bet that replacing those tired old plumbing fixtures is pretty high on plenty of those lists. Whether it's a leaky kitchen faucet or an entire drab guest bathroom, a fresh yearly budget is the perfect excuse to trade up to something better. 

But as eager as they are, many homeowners don't know where to begin when it comes to upgrading the fixtures. So this article will offer a few ideas and tips to let homeowners know what's on the market and get the creative juices flowing!


Upgrading the Kitchen Sink

Considering how much time is spent in the kitchen, it's no surprise that many homeowners like to attack the kitchen plumbing first. Even if a whole kitchen remodel isn't in the cards, a kitchen sink replacement can make a world of difference for the room's look, feel, and functionality. 

A few of the latest kitchen sink trends include sturdy apron-front sinks, integrated sink basins designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding countertop, and workstation sinks, which feature spacious basins that can accommodate a variety of sliding inserts such as cutting boards, colanders, and drying racks to make food prep and cleanup a breeze. There are also plenty of great options for a new faucet installation for those who want to spice things up without ditching the whole kitchen sink. Touchless kitchen faucets are becoming increasingly popular these days, with the ability to turn on the water with a wave of the hand. One can even integrate some models with smart home systems to activate with a simple voice command.

Remodeling the Bathroombathroom

There are even more options to choose from when it comes to the bathroom, whether it's an entire bathroom remodeling or a simple tub or toilet replacement. This year, stopping the spread of germs is on everyone's mind, so there are plenty of stylish options for touchless bathroom faucets as well. Vessel sinks are still the biggest trend for bathroom sinks, but people are leaning more toward more colorful schemes this year instead of traditional whites and creams.

Earthy neutral colors and organic materials like stone, marble, and wood are also becoming more popular these days for everything from vanities and storage shelves to tubs and showers. Frameless shower enclosures with glass doors and no curb are the latest style. Other ideas for a shower upgrade include integrated technology such as smart shower systems, speakers, and colorful adjustable LED lighting.

Make Sure To Hire a Pro!

One common mistake homeowners make when setting out to upgrade their plumbing fixtures is trying to take it all on themselves. It's certainly tempting to save a little money and take the DIY route, but those who do end up regretting it more often than not. A bathtub installation or faucet replacement may not seem terribly complicated, but in untrained hands can end up taking much longer than necessary and costing more money in the long run.

It's even more imperative to hire a pro for bigger projects like a bathroom remodel - professional remodelers know the ins and outs of the plumbing system and can perform all necessary work efficiently and without damaging the home. There's no substitute for the protection and peace of mind that comes with hiring a licensed and insured professional to handle any plumbing upgrades!

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