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Is Your Boiler Ready for Cold Weather?

Essential Boiler Services to Keep the Home Warm This Winter

Boilers, like other heating systems, need regular care to function properly. And since boilers get more use during the winter months, it’s a good idea for homeowners to make sure they’re prepared for common boiler issues. Not only that, it’s good for homeowners to keep an eye out for signs of boiler problems and familiarize themselves with tips for keeping a boiler running all winter. Read on to find out all about caring for boilers in the winter months. 

Advantages of Boiler Heating

Boilers have many advantages over central air heating systems. Boilers provide heat via water instead of air. The boiler heats water and transports it throughout the home through a series of pipes installed under the floors in the house. Sometimes there are baseboard heaters and radiators to help heat the home. This is important because water can hold heat better than air, meaning it stays warm longer. 

Boiler systems don’t need to worry about duct leaks or blocked vents. Additionally, boiler systems transfer heat from object to object, whereas central heating systems only heat the air. But to enjoy the benefits of a boiler for many years to come, it’s important to keep in mind common issues and tips. 

Common Boiler Issuesboiler

The most obvious boiler issues include things like leaks, strange noises, and accumulated soot. A leak is usually due to the failure of a component inside the boiler. This is often a valve or a seal. Homeowners that notice a leak should call a plumbing professional immediately to avoid further problems. Low pressure is another issue that will keep the boiler from operating properly. Boilers have built-in pressure valves. The 1.5 mark is best, and anything under the 1 mark indicates a loss of pressure. 

Strange noises often indicate there’s something wrong with the boiler. While some noises are normal, homeowners should look out for whistling, gurgling, and banging. 

Tips on Keeping a Boiler Runningletters

There are certain tasks homeowners should do to keep their boiler functioning properly. One of the best things to do is bleed the radiators. This is beneficial because air bubbles tend to get stuck and collect at the top of radiators. Bleeding them can eliminate this air bubble and cut down on heating costs. It’s also good to turn on the heat in the days leading up to winter, as this helps prevent the boiler from seizing after too much time without use. 

Insulating the boiler pipes is another great tactic for keeping the boiler working well and heating the house efficiently. Pipe insulation can be purchased at the local hardware store and installed quickly. Proper insulation can also save money on heating costs. Perhaps the most important thing homeowners can do to keep their boiler running is have regular maintenance performed by a professional. Yearly maintenance is essential for proper upkeep, and there’s no time like November to get it done!

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