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Everything Homeowners Need To About Slab Leaks

Slab Leaks Need Immediate Attention – and Here's Why 

Slab leaks are no laughing matter. The moment a homeowner suspects a leak in their home's foundation, they should immediately consult an experienced plumber. Without prompt attention, the home's structural integrity could be compromised – making it unlivable in just a matter of days. 

While slab leaks are time-sensitive issues, there is no reason to worry about turning to a professional for help. A plumber can take many non-invasive measures to alleviate this problem and ensure the home's stability. Continue reading to learn more. 

First Things First: What's a Slab Leak? slab leak

As noted, a slab leak is a serious plumbing issue. A "slab" is another word for the home's foundation. A leak under the home's foundation could be caused by a sewer line, sprinkler system, or water main. Slab leaks are common in areas where earthquakes are common, such as California or Hawaii. 

However, these leaks can occur when pipes rust, corrode or break down over time. Signs of a slab leak include: 

  • Soggy carpet 
  • Wet stains on the floor or near the baseboards 
  • Mold or mildew 
  • Sagging floors 
  • Poor water pressure from the showerheads and faucets 

A slab leak detection service can identify the leak source and render appropriate measures. They may include jackhammering through to the foundation or tunneling through to the problem. 

Slab Leaks Come with Time-Sensitive Dangers 

A leak under the home's foundation can: 

  • Cause the floors to cave in: Over time, water damage can weaken the floors, foundation, and underground beams. This can cause the floors to cave in, posing the risk of serious injuries. 
  • Cause mold growth: Mold isn't just foul-smelling and unpleasant-looking; it can cause many health problems, including respiratory issues. 
  • Make a home unlivable: If a code inspector discovers a leak in the home's foundation, it may deem a home uninhabitable. This would force the residents to move out until adequate repairs are made. 
  • Changes to the home's structure: If the home's foundation is compromised by water damage, this could cause the home to slowly shift to one side. 

A Plumbing Leak Professional Can Locate and Fix the Problem plumber

A plumber may locate the foundation leak by using a specialized tool that uses soundwaves. Any soundwave disruption will let the plumber know which pipe is leaking and how severe the leak is. 

From there, they might: 

  • Jackhammer through to the home's foundation: If the leak is in the foundation's center, a plumber may need to break through to the leak and render repairs from there. They will try to make this process as non-invasive as possible, limiting how long the family must be displaced from the home. 
  • Rerouting the plumbing system: If breaking the home's foundation isn't feasible, a plumber will first cut off the home's water supply. Then, they will reroute the pipes around the leak. They will likely use pipes that don't break down over time, like PVC pipes. 
  • Tunneling through to the leak: If the slab leak is located on the home's edge, it might be easier to dig through to the leak and go from there. 

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