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Common Furnace Sounds That May Be Mistaken For Ghouls and Goblins

It's Not The Wind - But It Could Be the Furnace 

People furnish their homes with all the necessities that give them comfort and invoke soothing feelings. However, homeowners sometimes confuse some sounds from different systems in their homes for spooky ones! 

There are many sorts of scary sounds that may be coming from the furnace due to mechanical problems. Instead of worrying if the house is haunted, take some advice from local Malverne heating professionals. Learn the sounds that indicate problems with the furnace and take action to stop them!

Loud Boom Soundssounds

The first sort of scary sound that is considered a sign that something is wrong is the frightening boom sound. If anyone is experiencing such sounds, they may be witnessing delayed ignition of the furnace since it is the core reason for such scary boom sounds. Such sounds coming from the furnace can be a harbinger of your furnace being severely damaged. 

Delayed ignitions occur when the gas is not ignited quickly and immediately as needed when the furnace cycles on. It causes the gas to accumulate in the furnace, thus creating small explosions that are the sources of the scary boom sounds. One can cause delayed ignition due to excessive amounts of primary air, too little amount of gas at the burner, and a weak pilot light. Get these issues rectified so that the furnace stops producing spooky sounds!

Screeches or Clunking Noisesfurnace

Homeowners may have heard scary screeching or clunking sounds coming from the furnace. What if they confuse them with Halloween spooky ghost sounds and consider their home haunted?! No need to fear; it could just be due to another problem in their furnace. This spooky sound is produced due to problems in the motor of the furnace. The motor may lack proper lubrication leading to grinding bearings that generate such horrible sounds. Scheduling routine furnace maintenance can eliminate the cause of these noises and prevent them from occurring in the first place. 

Other causes of such screeching or clunking sounds coming from the furnace may be a worn belt. A professional should replace the worn belt with a new one to tackle this problem, thereby eliminating these spooky screeching sounds.

Rattles and Bangs

If the homeowners think their house is haunted based upon the rattling and banging sounds they often hear at night, they may be mistaken as the furnace is likely to produce such sounds. A cracked heat exchanger is likely the cause. Cracked heat exchangers rattle because they have expanded and contracted so many times that the metal has become brittle. A cracked heat exchanger can allow carbon monoxide to leak into the air circulating the home. For homes protected by a carbon monoxide detector, their alarm signal may also be a spooky noise caused by the furnace.  

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