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Backflow Testing Can Save Lives!

There's Nothing More Important Than Certified Backflow Testing

Regardless of the season, now is always a great time to have professional backflow testing done. However, there are certain times when backflow testing is more urgent than others. For instance, just after large rainfall or other extreme weather conditions. Homeowners that have fallen victim to backflow in the past should be especially aware of their plumbing system and have backflow testing done more often

Sometimes spotting the signs of backflow isn't as easy as homeowners might think. Below is all the information homeowners need about backflow and having the proper certification to perform backflow testing. 

Learning All About Backflowbackflow

Backflow is one of the biggest threats to public health and safety that happens inside the modern home. It is caused by cross-connections in the plumbing system and water pressure that isn't as strong as it's supposed to be. As a result, the wastewater ends up in the fresh water piping. 

One can imagine the types of diseases that come from wastewater mixing in with the home's fresh water supply but here are a few effects that come from backflow entering the home: 

  • Typhoid
  • Dysentery 
  • Hepatitis 
  • Legionnaires’ disease 
  • Salmonella 

All of the above illnesses are recorded illnesses that happened directly after backflow instances throughout history. The possible diseases caused by backflow are essentially endless. When different types of waste get into the water, there is an endless list of possibilities for diseases that arise. 

Here's Why Certification Is Important

Homeowners now know how dangerous backflow is to themselves and their community. It just highlights that much more the importance of getting a certification before performing backflow testing. 

Without the proper certification, the person doing the backflow testing can't know what they are looking for. Backflow isn't always as obvious as one might think. There aren't always obvious changes to the water supply, so someone that isn't certified could potentially miss contamination and put the entire community at risk. 

Some of the signs of backflow are discolored water, poorly smelling water, poor tasting water, and objects found in the water, or a change in texture/consistency. It takes a certified professional to diagnose backflow in the plumbing system. Not only that, but backflow is a public safety issue, so it's only right that the person that tests for backflow is certified. 

Don't Compromise: Hire a Professionalplumber 

Not only is a certified professional crucial, but an experienced and certified professional is necessary when hiring someone to perform backflow testing. It is also crucial that homeowners have the test done regularly because the water supply usually will be contaminated with backflow before it starts to show physical signs. 

Homeowners should hire an experienced and certified professional backflow tester to test their plumbing system at least once a year and after any big rainstorms. This is the best way to avoid exposure to harsh contaminants and potential illnesses and diseases. 

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