Whole Home Repiping in Malverne

Malverne homes with pipes over 50 years old can benefit from our house repiping services. Contact Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating to find out how.

Replacing your aging pipes adds value to your home and can help resolve recurring problems like leaks and bursts. Call Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating when you need a reliable repipe contractor.

Do you have multiple clogged drains at the same time? Our sewer line repairs may be the answer.

Benefits of Whole Home Repiping

Malverne, NY, residents may not know what to expect when replacing the pipes in their homes or what benefits there are. Here are a few things to consider.

  • Rust-Free Water - Aging pipes carry rust through the system, which means you get rusty water coming out of the tap. Whole home repiping eliminates rusty, discolored water, and makes it better tasting too.
  • Improved Pressure - Worn out plumbing systems create lower water pressure because of corroded pipes. A new copper or PEX system restores water pressure, which means better flow in showers and sinks.
  • Safer Plumbing - Newer materials such as PEX piping resist corrosion and rust as well as bacterial growth, which means the water you drink is much healthier.
  • Reduce Leaks - Aging pipes are prone to leaking and bursting, which can cause water damage and mold growth. Repiping with newer, leak-resistant materials helps prevent costly repairs caused by leaks and breaks.
  • Adds Value - Whole house repiping adds value to your home should you decide to sell it down the road.

Contact us to find out what other benefits you can get through whole home repiping.

How Long Does Repiping Take?

Whole house repiping is an invasive job, so it’s natural for the Malverne, NY, homeowner to want to know how long the job will take and how long they’ll be inconvenienced. There are a variety of factors that go into how long a project will take, but most get broken down into phases.

The first step is prepping the home, which means cutting holes to get access to water lines and removing items like cabinets and fixtures to make work easier. The next step is removing drywall to get at the old pipes and replace them with new ones.

Once finished replacing the pipes, our team patches up the drywall and replaces sheetrock where appropriate. Depending on the size of the home, most repiping jobs are completed in as little as two days.

If your water bills continue to rise and you don’t know the cause, it could be an undetected water leak. Call us and ask about our water leak detection service to find out.

Signs Your Pipes Need Replacing

To know if the pipes need replacing in your Malverne home, watch out for these signs:

  • Low Water Pressure - Corrosion builds within pipes as they get older like plaque in an artery, which eventually leads to a blockage that slows water pressure.
  • Recurring Leaks - As pipes age, they continue to fail over and over. Recurring leaks aren’t common or something to put up with, and it could point to significant problems in your plumbing system.
  • Noisy Pipes - Your pipes should be silent, so if you hear squealing or screeching when they’re in use, call a professional for an inspection.

Get better tasting water and more reliable plumbing when you call Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating for our house repiping service. Call us today at 516-599-1222 to schedule service in Malverne.