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Play "The Dating Game" with Your Boiler for Valentine's Day

3 Interesting Facts About a Home's Boiler

Boilers have traditionally been the most common heating system in certain parts of the country. However, people who have never lived in a home with a boiler may be foreign. 

For homeowners struggling to understand their boiler, local boiler installation professionals are here to help. This Valentine's Day, stay warm with these facts about residential boilers. 

The Boiler Probably Doesn't Boil Waterplumber

The term "boiler" is used to describe a heating system that uses water to distribute heat but these days the term is a holdover that isn't necessarily accurate. When boilers were first in use, they boiled water to produce steam. The steam was then pumped around a home to radiators, where it heated the home. In more modern boiler designs, boilers simply use hot water instead of steam. 

During a heating cycle, the boiler heats water in a heat exchanger pumped around the home. The advantages to using hot water instead of steam are: 

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Comfort 



Boilers Are Eco-Friendly 

Unlike an industrial boiler that uses steam to drive production processes that constantly use water, a residential boiler doesn't use much water at all. Since a boiler doesn't boil water in a home's heating system, it operates on a closed-loop. This means that the same water gets repeatedly heated and distributed around the home to heat it. Under ideal conditions, no water is lost. The only time water may be lost is when a leak is present. In most circumstances, the system will be drained regularly during boiler maintenance to ensure it is operating properly. 

Boilers are eco-friendly because they conserve water, and green because of their efficiency ratings. Like a furnace, boilers are available at different levels of efficiency. Furnaces and boilers can reach efficiency ratings of 95%, meaning gas bills are reduced and the home's carbon footprint is minimized. 

It's All About the Water Pressure

One of the most important considerations for operating a boiler efficiently is the water pressure. As water is heated and cooled, it expands and contracts. That places mechanical stress on piping and can disrupt the efficiency of the pumps that move the heated water around. 

When pressure is allowed to drop out of the desired range, the water cannot be easily moved and may even form air pockets inside the closed loop. When this occurs, a professional boiler maintenance contractor can bleed the air out of the system and ensure that the pressure stays consistent. 

The key to maintaining good pressure is scheduled boiler maintenance. Boiler maintenance is a simple process that can keep a boiler operating for decades. During a maintenance visit from a boiler contractor, the technician will check the automatic valves that govern the water pressure. As long as these valves are operating properly, improper pressure shouldn't be an issue. 

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