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Make Water Your Summer Beverage of Choice

Installing Water Filters for Better Summer Hydration 

Summer temperatures will soon be rolling in, and everyone will need to focus on hydration when that happens. The human body has remarkable adaptations that allow it to function in hot environments. Still, the body is only as good as the water it receives as part of a hydration strategy. This summer, take hydration to the next level by only giving the body the best!

The easiest way to support good drinking habits during the summer is to keep clean, delicious water close at hand all season long. To make this a reality, a whole-house water filter is the best choice. By making the water from the tap even better, everyone in the home can stay healthy while saving money. Here are the top three benefits of water filters in the home. 

Improve the Taste of Water  

waterThe biggest complaint most people have about tap water is the taste. How can people be expected to stay healthy and hydrated, drinking water and eating food prepared with foul-tasting water? With a reverse osmosis water filter, homeowners can easily address this problem. 

Water filtration systems are designed to remove compounds that contribute to poor-tasting water. Using reverse osmosis water filters and charcoal filters eliminates excess minerals that cause foul odors and bad tastes so everyone in the home can enjoy richer coffee, refreshing tea, and better-tasting food. 

Remove Contaminants 

The water that arrives at the home and comes from the tap has taken quite a journey. After water is drawn from a reservoir or water source, it is treated in a facility to be sanitized. This process eliminates bacteria and parasites, but water is more complex. Along the journey that water takes, it can absorb things from its surroundings that can be harmful pollutants. Even after being treated in a facility, water can absorb things like heavy metals in transit. 

For optimal health, everyone should give their body every advantage. One of the things a body needs in large supply is clean, pure water. Don’t trust the municipal facilities to purify water. Take responsibility, finish the job with a whole-house water filtration system, and reap the health benefits of supplying the body with clean and pure water. 

Go Green and Save Money 

saveNot only are water filters the obvious choice for supplying clean water to the home, but they are also an eco-friendly choice. Water filters supply clean water with a much lower carbon footprint than buying bottled water. Whereas bottled water contributes billions of plastic bottles to landfills every year, water filters will only use a few cartridges per year. To stop wasting single-use plastics, install a water filtration system now. 

In addition to being green, water filters can save on grocery bills. Every month homeowners waste money on bottled water is a month they could be saving for something else. Since water filters treat water so cheaply, they provide crisp and clean water at a fraction of the price of bottled water. 

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