Violation Removal/Maintain Specialist

Has the building department informed you that you need to correct a plumbing or heating issue on your property? Did your last plumbing or HVAC technician not file the required permits? Was your gas service turned off? Are you selling a home and need to get an updated Certificate of Occupancy? Any and all of these issues are common. We can help you correct any and all plumbing violations, and ensure your plumbing and gas systems are functioning according to current codes for both safety and legal issues.



Violation correction and removal is one of our specialties and our expertise is just a phone call away! We will even help with the paperwork as we legitimize your plumbing and heating systems and ensure everything is legal and completed according to code.

When you hire Charles Krull & Son, Inc. you will speak directly with a Licensed Master Plumber who will personally expedite resolving your violation.

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