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Make Mother's Day a Home Spa Experience

Three Upgrades That Can Take a Bathroom from Blah to Spa

A bathroom renovation is a perfect gift not only for Mom but for the whole family. It is a room that everyone uses, so, while practicality is the most important part, making a bathroom space visually appealing can be a great benefit. This does not mean that a complete reconstruction needs to happen, but even taking steps to replace a shower head or install a tub can make a big difference in such a necessary room.

Shower Head Upgrade

shower headOne of the easiest upgrades that will be discussed in this article is replacing the showerhead. A new shower head may seem like a small thing, but it can completely transform a shower experience. If a person finds the right shower head, they may wish they could take it with them on trips. Some of the more popular options for this upgrade include:

  • Low-Flow Shower Heads: These eco-friendly models reduce water usage but sacrifice very little water pressure. They are great for families that like long showers but don't want to waste water.
  • Rain Shower Heads: Rain shower heads are something of a conversation piece. They usually either come directly out of the ceiling or are on an arm that extends the head out parallel to the ground. They are probably the largest shower heads because they are meant to produce the sensation of showering in the rain. They provide a low-pressure flow of water that is meant to soothe.
  • LED Shower Heads:  LED lights are built into this type of shower head to offer a bit of chromatherapy. Colors have been shown to help calm emotions and excite one's energy.
  • Built-In Speakers: Some shower heads come not only with LEDs but also have speakers built in. Everyone should be aware that music is highly influential when it comes to mood. This can be a source of relaxation or a way to wake up in the morning.

Provide Relaxation With a New Bathtub

tubBathtubs, while a more expensive upgrade, can add to a bathroom's luxury. They can sway the style of a room from the classic luxury of a claw-footed tub to the simple modern lines of a corner jacuzzi tub. A new tub is a great way to give a bathroom a whole new feel.

Replace Sinks and Faucets

A somewhat less expensive way to adjust a bathroom's aesthetic is to incorporate a faucet upgrade or replace the sink. A few suggestions for transforming a bathroom's look are listed below.

  • Upgrade to a touchless faucet for managing water waste and germ exposure
  • Choose a bowl sink for a unique look instead of the old molded ceramic sink
  • Choose brushed nickel or brass fitting instead of shiny chrome for a more timeless look
  • Choose neutral tones for a calming aesthetic

Consult with a pro for more information about planning a renovation.

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