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Spring 2016 Newsletter!

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The Facts You Need to Know About Water Heaters

Be Sure You Have the Right Water Heater for Your Home & Needs!

You’ve experienced it before…a sudden shock of cold water while in the shower! Your water heater ran out of hot water! And as your water heater ages, the more often it will happen. And at some point, your water heater will completely breakdown.

Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Earns Esteemed 2015 Angie’s List Super Service Award

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Award reflects company’s consistently high level of customer service

Charles Krull & Son, Inc. has earned the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2015.

“I really appreciate that our clients took time out of their busy day to write a review on Angie’s List to tell other members how they feel about the quality of our service, our results and our team,” said Christopher Krull, Licensed Master Plumber and Owner of Charles Krull & Son, Inc. “The feedback reinforces that our technicians are consistently demonstrating our company values on a daily basis. I am proud of this accomplishment and very thankful to have such great clients.” stated Krull.

“Only about 5 percent of the Plumbing and Heating companies in the New York Tri-State Area have performed so consistently well enough to earn our Super Service Award,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “It’s a really high standard.”

“I come from a long line of plumbers and learned early on that my chief objective is to fully resolve a client’s issue so that their home is a safe and comfortable place to live.” Krull continued, “We are able to fulfill this objective by hiring experienced, polite, professional and courteous team members.”

Angie’s List Super Service Award 2015 winners have met strict eligibility requirements, which include an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade; the company must be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.

Service company ratings are updated daily on Angie’s List. Companies are graded on an A through F scale in areas ranging from price to professionalism to punctuality.

Angie’s List helps facilitate happy transactions between more than three million consumers nationwide and its collection of highly rated service providers in more than 720 categories of service, ranging from home improvement to health care. Built on a foundation of more than 10 million verified reviews of local service, Angie’s List connects consumers directly to its online marketplace of services from member- reviewed providers, and offers unique tools and support designed to improve the local service experience for both consumers and service professionals.

Charles Krull & Son Inc is a 106-year old family owned and operated plumbing, heating and drain cleaning business. For appointments call 516-599-1222.

A Few Quick Ways to Protect Plumbing During a Freeze

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As you know, plummeting temperatures, like those that are expected this weekend on Long Island, can cause pipes to freeze and burst, damaging flooring, furnishings and more. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, a single burst pipe can cause over $5000 in property damage. While exterior pipes (sprinkler systems, swimming pool pipes and outdoor water supply pipes) are the most common culprits, interior pipes located in un-insulated spaces (unheated garages, cabinets, attics or crawlspaces) may also freeze. To avoid this type of plumbing disaster, remember to:

1. Open cabinet doors in kitchens and bathrooms. This encourages warm air flow around pipes. (Take care to remove chemicals and harmful cleaners so children cannot access them while cabinets are open.)
2. Allow water to drip slowly from vulnerable faucets. The slightest trickle can help to prevent frozen pipes.
3. Raise the temperature in your home. You’ll probably do this anyway to keep yourself warm, but turning up the heat could also save your pipes. Warm air rises, so if you have exposed plumbing in an attic or crawl space, raising the thermostat both day and night throughout the freeze is important.
4. Install improved insulation in attics and basements to maintain above-freezing temperatures in those spaces. Insulation is a cost-effective addition to most homes, especially when it prevents expensive water damage.

If you’re traveling this weekend:​
1. Turn off the main water supply, open faucets and fixtures, and drain the water system during long vacations or absences.
2. Set travel temperatures to at least 55 degrees. Never turn off the heat to save money while you are gone.
If a freeze is already underway:
1. Turn off the water main ASAP: The valve may be near the water meter or where the line enters the house.
2. Call Charles Krull & Son, Inc.: Leave the faucets open until our plumbers can make repairs. We are able to quickly thaw your pipes before they burst.
Even the most diligent homeowners experience occasional pipe catastrophe.  Please contact Charles Krull & Son, Inc. for frozen pipes and plumbing emergencies. For your convenience, our plumbing professionals can be reached at 516-599-1222 anytime. You may also request a project estimate online at

Fall 2015 Newsletter

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Why Does My Toilet Always Keep Clogging?

The 4 Most Common Reasons & What You Can Do to Fix Them

There are numerous reasons that a toilet could be ge ng clogged, even on a daily basis. This could happen because of how the toilet is used, from problems in the toilet’s mechanics, or perhaps even problems with your water supply. Here are the most common reasons:





Charles Krull and Son Plumbing and Heating Supporting the St. Thomas Apostle Food Pantry

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Charles Krull and Son Plumbing and Heating Supporting the St. Thomas Apostle Food Pantry
Every fall there are so many fun things that happen. There’s Halloween and eventually Thanksgiving. You have the start of football season and baseball playoffs. Leaves change colors and children get excited for the holiday season.

Yet not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Millions of people are starving in our country today. In fact, you’d be surprised to find that many of the people starving are those surrounding you every day.

At Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating we’re trying to lend a hand in supporting those who are hungry in our community. We’re donating $5 from every service and repair call in November to the St. Thomas Apostle Food Pantry in West Hempstead, NY. And, if you see our trucks in the neighborhood, give us a bag of canned goods – we’ll be sure to drop those off as well.

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Donating $5 from Each Service Call in October to Crossroads Farm!

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Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating will be donating $5 from each service call in the month of October to Crossroad Farms at Grossmann’s.

“At Charles Krull & Son, Inc. we are passionate about helping our community” owner Christopher Krull said. “I was born and raised in Malverne and now live here with my wife and four young children. I can say with certainty that Crossroads Farm truly enhances my family’s quality of life. My children visit the Farm at least three days a week to play on the swing sets and interact with the animals. We buy locally grown produce from the farm stand and my wife and I attend events sponsored by the Farm that bring people from surrounding communities together to relax in this beautiful open air space” Krull said.

“That’s why we’ve decided to create this promotion” Krull continued. “Crossroads Farm at Grossmann’s is operated by the Nassau Land Trust, a non-profit organization that requires donations in order to operate the farm successfully. We hope that this promotion will be a way to support a local organization that enriches the lives of so many people here in our community.”

In addition to donating $5 from each service call, Charles Krull & Son, Inc. also is offering 5% off any work they perform for homeowners in October.

“You can get a few things off your “To Do” list and help a deserving, local organization” Krull said.

For more information on Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating or this promotion, you can contact Christopher Krull at or 516-599-1222.

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New Federal Regulations Could Cost You $400 or MORE!

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Is your Water Heater 10+ Years Old? PLEASE, Read This! Effective April 16, 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) began requiring higher energy-factor (EF) ratings on virtually all residential water heaters. What does this mean to you? Great question.

It means when you finally need to replace your water heater, it’s going to cost you at least $400 MORE than it would have before this regulation was put into place. But that’s not the only potential cost…

Many homeowners have water heaters installed in very tight areas of their home, like a closet or attic. These water heaters with the new energy standards are LARGER, meaning they may NOT fit your current space and must be relocated. To relocate a water heater could mean significant labor costs depending on the layout of your home.

Increased cost isn’t the only problem with these new enhanced-energy-rated water heaters. They often can be nosier and may produce LESS hot water. Yes, if you have a big family, don’t be the last one to take a shower! In order to make these water heaters more efficient, they’re far more complex, which means they will require more maintenance (more $$$) and have a higher possibility of breaking down (even more $$$).

So, what does this mean to you, the homeowner? Take care of your current water heater! Make it last as long as you can so you’re not forced to incur the expense of these new, mandated water heaters. I can hear a question now: How do I maintain my water heater? Give us a call at Charles Krull & Son, Inc., 516-599-1222. We can perform a complete water heater flush.

A water heater flush drains your water heater, removing all of the nasty sediment that naturally builds up over time. Built-up sediment drastically harms the efficiency of your water heater, the amount of water you have for baths and showers, AND it causes premature water heater breakdowns.

You should consider getting a water heater flush once a year – trust me, your water heater will thank you. You’ll be thanking yourself when you’re water heater lasts YEARS longer than it would have without the flush.

So, call Charles Krull & Son, Inc. today at 516-599-1222. Let us help you keep your water heater running long and strong so you’re not forced to pay for the new government mandated water heaters with the giant price tags. Mention this ad and save $33 off a water flush.

Water Your Lawn & Garden More Easily! Save $25 NOW!

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Have outdoor hose faucets installed so that you don’t have to drag the hose hundreds of feet every day! Warm weather is here. Maybe you’d love to water the lawn or garden more easily, but you have a problem. You don’t have an outdoor faucet nearby…and you’re simply tired of dragging the hose hundreds of feet every day! There’s an easy solution to your problem.

Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating can add outdoor faucets wherever you’d like! Call 516-599-1222 for one of our plumbing professionals to come to your home, evaluate your water lines, and show you how we can install an outdoor faucet in the most convenient of places.