As you know, plummeting temperatures, like those that are expected this weekend on Long Island, can cause pipes to freeze and burst, damaging flooring, furnishings and more. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, a single burst pipe can cause over $5000 in property damage. While exterior pipes (sprinkler systems, swimming pool pipes and outdoor water supply pipes) are the most common culprits, interior pipes located in un-insulated spaces (unheated garages, cabinets, attics or crawlspaces) may also freeze. To avoid this type of plumbing disaster, remember to:

1. Open cabinet doors in kitchens and bathrooms. This encourages warm air flow around pipes. (Take care to remove chemicals and harmful cleaners so children cannot access them while cabinets are open.)
2. Allow water to drip slowly from vulnerable faucets. The slightest trickle can help to prevent frozen pipes.
3. Raise the temperature in your home. You’ll probably do this anyway to keep yourself warm, but turning up the heat could also save your pipes. Warm air rises, so if you have exposed plumbing in an attic or crawl space, raising the thermostat both day and night throughout the freeze is important.
4. Install improved insulation in attics and basements to maintain above-freezing temperatures in those spaces. Insulation is a cost-effective addition to most homes, especially when it prevents expensive water damage.

If you’re traveling this weekend:​
1. Turn off the main water supply, open faucets and fixtures, and drain the water system during long vacations or absences.
2. Set travel temperatures to at least 55 degrees. Never turn off the heat to save money while you are gone.
If a freeze is already underway:
1. Turn off the water main ASAP: The valve may be near the water meter or where the line enters the house.
2. Call Charles Krull & Son, Inc.: Leave the faucets open until our plumbers can make repairs. We are able to quickly thaw your pipes before they burst.
Even the most diligent homeowners experience occasional pipe catastrophe.  Please contact Charles Krull & Son, Inc. for frozen pipes and plumbing emergencies. For your convenience, our plumbing professionals can be reached at 516-599-1222 anytime. You may also request a project estimate online at