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Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating will be donating $5 from each service call in the month of October to Crossroad Farms at Grossmann’s.

“At Charles Krull & Son, Inc. we are passionate about helping our community” owner Christopher Krull said. “I was born and raised in Malverne and now live here with my wife and four young children. I can say with certainty that Crossroads Farm truly enhances my family’s quality of life. My children visit the Farm at least three days a week to play on the swing sets and interact with the animals. We buy locally grown produce from the farm stand and my wife and I attend events sponsored by the Farm that bring people from surrounding communities together to relax in this beautiful open air space” Krull said.

“That’s why we’ve decided to create this promotion” Krull continued. “Crossroads Farm at Grossmann’s is operated by the Nassau Land Trust, a non-profit organization that requires donations in order to operate the farm successfully. We hope that this promotion will be a way to support a local organization that enriches the lives of so many people here in our community.”

In addition to donating $5 from each service call, Charles Krull & Son, Inc. also is offering 5% off any work they perform for homeowners in October.

“You can get a few things off your “To Do” list and help a deserving, local organization” Krull said.

For more information on Charles Krull & Son, Inc. Plumbing & Heating or this promotion, you can contact Christopher Krull at or 516-599-1222.