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Is your Water Heater 10+ Years Old? PLEASE, Read This! Effective April 16, 2015, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) began requiring higher energy-factor (EF) ratings on virtually all residential water heaters. What does this mean to you? Great question.

It means when you finally need to replace your water heater, it’s going to cost you at least $400 MORE than it would have before this regulation was put into place. But that’s not the only potential cost…

Many homeowners have water heaters installed in very tight areas of their home, like a closet or attic. These water heaters with the new energy standards are LARGER, meaning they may NOT fit your current space and must be relocated. To relocate a water heater could mean significant labor costs depending on the layout of your home.

Increased cost isn’t the only problem with these new enhanced-energy-rated water heaters. They often can be nosier and may produce LESS hot water. Yes, if you have a big family, don’t be the last one to take a shower! In order to make these water heaters more efficient, they’re far more complex, which means they will require more maintenance (more $$$) and have a higher possibility of breaking down (even more $$$).

So, what does this mean to you, the homeowner? Take care of your current water heater! Make it last as long as you can so you’re not forced to incur the expense of these new, mandated water heaters. I can hear a question now: How do I maintain my water heater? Give us a call at Charles Krull & Son, Inc., 516-599-1222. We can perform a complete water heater flush.

A water heater flush drains your water heater, removing all of the nasty sediment that naturally builds up over time. Built-up sediment drastically harms the efficiency of your water heater, the amount of water you have for baths and showers, AND it causes premature water heater breakdowns.

You should consider getting a water heater flush once a year – trust me, your water heater will thank you. You’ll be thanking yourself when you’re water heater lasts YEARS longer than it would have without the flush.

So, call Charles Krull & Son, Inc. today at 516-599-1222. Let us help you keep your water heater running long and strong so you’re not forced to pay for the new government mandated water heaters with the giant price tags. Mention this ad and save $33 off a water flush.